Leading Polish dancehall sound is back for their powerful set, destroying with bass and speeding up your hearbeat with its tempo. You will endlessly sing-along with the dancehall master crew – 27Pablo and Junior Stress, armed with new secret versions of his old hits.

Dancehall Masak-Rah was formed in 2008 by veteran dancehall/reggae selector 27Pablo and one of the leading Polish DJs/singers – Junior Stress. They started with small weekly dance in Warsaw, which soon grew to be the most popular weekly dancehall event in Poland and Dancehall Masak-Rah became most wanted dancehall sound in Poland for all festivals and events, bringing dynamic entertainment and introducing the finest Jamaican music to the Polish audience. Thousands of Jamaican tracks mixed with hundreds of not funny jokes proved to be a formula that is still fresh and conquers hearts of both fanatics of Jamaican matters and those, who have no idea. In 2013 Dancehall Masak-Rah won the “Nocne Marki” Aktivist mag award in the category of “The event of the Year”. Every Sunday they host a dancehall/reggae show on student Radio Kampus in Warsaw. They were the first in Poland to broadcast their radio show straight from Jamaica.
Now Dancehall Masak-Rah is back with a new set, full of 27Pablo’s madness, bartender talents of Dorka and Junior Stress’ classics in new versions. One word for that: demolition!

Ostróda Reggae Festival, Green Stage, 13.08.2016



Dancehall Masak-Rah live ORF 2014

Dancehall Masak-Rah feat. Mothashipp & Siostra Mariola – Drivah Dance

What is Dancehall Dancehall Masak-Rah

Dancehall Masak-Rah Drivah Dance live Ostróda

Junior Stress –„YUrek Dres” (Yu-Go Polska 2012)

27Pablo & Mothashipp –„Nie mam czasu” (Yu-Go Polska 2012)

„Harlem Shake”, Wodzisław NMNZ 2013