DUBSKA (Poland)

20 years and 10th time in Ostróda! This year’s performance will be a unique event with many guest artists.

 They have been on stage since 1999 and made a significant mark in the history of Jamaican music in Poland. Dubska recorded 7 studio albums, including one in collaboration with Gerbert Morales, the leader of the legendary Russian group Jah Division. Their last output is the double album „Bajki i Legendy” (2018). As they say, Dubska are inspired by beautiful melodies and stories, Jamaican roots reggae and Polish reggae and post-punk of the 80’s. We will hear classic songs in new interpretations, as well as brand new things made in collaboration with well-known Polish vocalists: Junior Stress, Damian Syjonfam, Rafał Karwot (Tabu), Mucha (Illegal Boys, ex-Dubska), Reggaenerator (Vavamuffin), Smalec (Gaga, Zielone Żabki), Bisz and Gabi (Shashamane). All of them will perform at this show. A real must, really touching celebration!

Ostróda Reggae Festival, Red Stage, 13.07.2019






High Tide or Low Tide (Bob Marley cover)

All I Have to Do is Dream (The Everly Brothers cover)


Jedziemy tam (Ostróda) – oficjalny hymn / official anthem Ostróda Reggae Festival 2014

Życie na ulicy live Ostróda Reggae Festival 2010


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