Classic Caribbean sounds will get mixed with a mystical deep dub and the whole thing will be complemented by invited vocalists, deejays and instrumentalists. Instead of a traditional warm-up party far from the center of events, this time a powerful soundsystem from Warsaw invites you to a session in the Amphitheater Hall.

The project consists of two main pillars. The first one is a collective of selectors, who love the sound of vinyl and a throbbing bass. The second – hand-made loudspeakers, which, together with high power amplifiers and hundreds meters of wire, give the possibility to play dub music wherever there is an audience enjoying low frequencies. Through the heavy bass sound, a conscious message and the idea of self-organization go out into the world. The project dates back to 2009 and the regular events in Independent Center of Culture c5 in Warsaw. Space in an abandoned chips factory provided means for development and pushed young people to build their first loudspeakers. Parties organized there became a part and parcel of Warsaw reggae scene, not only because of the music quality, but also thanks to the unique climate on the squat. That period influenced considerably the development of the whole group; that’s when they realized that they prefer to organize the party from the beginning to the end all by themselves. For now on, Jah Love Soundsystem is closely connected to the Social Cooperative Pogłos and that’s where they organize their sessions.

Since 2011 they are a part of Mystic Dubs collective organizing Warsaw Underground Festival or Dub Club Festival. JAH LOVE collective organized and co-organized more than hundred events in Warsaw and they played their music on dozens of tours.

JAH LOVE is not only about parties, the soundsystem and all-night sessions. They released 4 EPs, subject to free download. Next production is on the way, already to be heard during their sessions or on some other soundsystems trying out dub ammunition straight from Warsaw. Soon they will open a net-label to release their own productions as well as tracks of other producers.

In 2013 Jah Love Soundsystem loudspeakers appeared on Ostróda Reggae Festival, creating new scene. The following years, the presence of the red-black soundsystem became a tradition there.


Ostróda Reggae Festival, The Amphitheater Room, 11.07.2019