Diversity, unity and sharing of music are their main slogan, applied to lyrics and the way they work. Reggae/Hip Hop duo of singers from Paris are determined to spread their message across the globe.

Parisian singers Theo & Ogach started Jahneration in 2009. Their career started for real with the success of first singles “Me Nah Fed up” featuring Naâman and “The Answer”, released in 2011. In early 2013 the duo released a first self-produced EP “The Foreword”. In 2015 Jahneration linked with Ovastand label and created their own live band, playing France and India. Jahneration offers an effective musical universe, which can convince crowds with catchy melodies and encouraging, lively and hopeful lyrics – the ingredients of this Parisian musical cocktail. In 2017 the released their first self-titled album featuring Dean Fraser, Naâman, Meta Dia, DJ Nix’on and a remix from Ondubground. They were invited to support Dub Inc at their show at Zenith in Paris. October 2018 brought their second album “Mic Sessions Vol.1” with the concept of guest vocalists in every song. You can hear there Dub Inc, Naâman, Derajah, Yaniss Odua, Volodia and many others. The album is promoted with a series of successful street videos.

Put on your dancing shoes, Jahneration first time in Poland!

Ostróda Reggae Festival, Red Stage, 13.07.2019



Mic Session #4 – Barriers feat. Komlan & Bouchkour (Dub Inc.)

Control Your Tempa feat. Naâman

No Want


live at Cabaret Vert 2018 (ARTE Concert)

Mic Session #2 – Family feat. Balik (Danakil)

Me Nah Fed up feat. Naâman

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