ŁĄKI ŁAN (Poland)

ŁĄKI ŁAN (Polska)

They will definitely bring a large dose of optimism. One of the most positive Polish live groups and a reliable groove machine, for the first time at ORF.
“The new album is the result of searching for the golden mean, somewhere between Forest and Ibiza, between philosophy and party, between seriousness and pranks. Armed with open hearts, cavernous instruments, humor, butt and a sense of distance, we follow our unexplored path”– Łąki Łan say about the newly released album „Raut”.
In their first years, the band played an improvised groove, modeled on techno DJs. They were appreciated for creating a great, dance-psychedelic vibe and engaging improvised performances. To this day, they are famous for incredibly energetic shows and for many reasons many fans consider them as the best live band in the country. They have developed their unique sound, which is constantly evolving and combining many musical genres. Paprodziad’s lyrics, mostly about a passion and respect for nature, take an important part in Łąki Łan’s creation. In 2005 they released their debut album “Łąki Łan”. In 2020, our ears are pleased with their latest, 5th album “Raut”. Łąki Łan will perform in Ostróda for the first time.

Ostróda Reggae Festival, Red Stage, 12-07-2020



Łąki Łan – LASS

Łąki Łan – Jammin’ live Woodstock 2017

Łąki Łan – Łan Pała

Łąki Łan – Lovelock

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