If we mean explosive mixture of reggae and hip hop, they are at the forefront of those who can really make you move your feet.

Breeding in open air since 1964, Sir James and King Johnny are the figureheads of the mysterious L’Entourloop collective. Feed with good sounds systems grains, vinyl culture and rocked by the epic dialogues of a certain cinema, they concoct a fine fusion of reggae and hip hop with love. These beatmakers like to exploit scratches and samples, all sprinkled with a vintage French touch that makes us travel from France to Kingston, London and New York!

L’Entourloop means many things: albums „Chickens in your Town” (2015) and ”Le Savoir-Faire” (2017) that blow out, millions of views and streams, featurings each one more crucial than the other, a growing number of fans around the world, remarkable shows at Solidays, Boomtown, Francofolies in Noumea, La Cigale in Paris, Musicalarue etc.

Their biggest hits are „Dreader Than Dread” ft. Skarra Mucci, „Back in Town” ft. Jamalski, „Burn Dem Down” ft. Capleton, „Le Bonheur” ft. Panda Dub, „Push The Limits” ft. Biga Ranx and their last jewel „One & Only” ft. Charlie P. In 2019 they come back to hit harder than ever with a new EP with Skarra Mucci.

After playing countless places around the world, the two relentless seniors are followed by their acolytes: MC Troy Berkley and N’Zeng on the trumpet. They are back on the road with a new eclectic and vitaminized liveshow that will bring you a pure dose of energy and good vibrations. Poland will enjoy it for the first time.

Ostróda Reggae Festival, Red Stage, 14.07.2019



L’ENTOURLOOP Ft. Charlie P – One & Only

L’ENTOURLOOP Ft. Jamalski, Bang On! & N’Zeng – Back in Town

L’ENTOURLOOP Ft. Troy Berkley – Johnny A Bad Man

L’ENTOURLOOP Ft. Biga*Ranx – Push the Limits

L’Entourloop Ft. Capleton – Burn Dem Down

L’ENTOURLOOP Ft. Marina P – Shoefiti

L’ENTOURLOOP Ft. Troy Berkley & The Architect – SoundBwoy

L’Entourloop DJ Set, Le Mellotron

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