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Media accreditations: on-line form

If you want to receive a journalistic accreditation, please use the form below. Fill in the required fields and submit the form.
Applications are accepted until June 26, 2023. You will receive feedback on the granted accreditations by July 1, 2023.

Principles of cooperation with the Organizer of the Ostróda Reggae Festival.

  1. Sending the application via the on-line form is tantamount to consent to the processing of personal data and consent to comply with the rules of cooperation with the Organizer of Ostróda Reggae Festival.
  2. Accreditation applications of private persons, representatives of clubs, teams, sponsors, advertising and promotional agencies will be rejected.
  3. The number of accreditations is limited. Accreditations are free of charge. We will inform accredited journalists by e-mail about the rules for collecting the accreditation.
  4. Journalistic accreditation entitles you to enter all projects organized as part of the festival and to the media zone at the Ostróda Reggae Festival.
  5. The rules for recording the festival using audiovisual and photographic equipment will be provided to accredited TV crews and photojournalists no later than on the day of receiving the accreditation.
  6. In the event of violation of the rules of granting and using the granted accreditation, the Organizer has the right to withdraw the granted accreditation.
  7. The organizer reserves the right to reject the application without giving any reason.