Ostróda Reggae Festival 2015 summary from the promoters

Ostróda Reggae Festival 2015 podsumowanie organizatorów

While the temperature even literally had no time yet to drop and the thermometer brings associations not only with Jamaica, but also this year’s festival, it’s the time for some short summary. We cannot say goodbye without a word…

Consistency pays off. At this year’s 15th edition all generations manifested their presence in their fullest and reggae appeared to be the music that really crosses age limits. It became quite obvious that those who have been visiting us for years, started to bring their children and families to Ostróda. We distributed about 1,000 wristbands for children under the age of 12! Looking now at their joyful pictures, we are sure next year it will be the children to encourage their parents to come to ORF again.

“Where, if not in Ostróda, in the middle of summer, the audience meets to listen to music that connects generations, teach respect, and above all, love of nature and of another human being?” – stated in their report and added: “the festival passed with flying colours.”

When we read such opinions, we are full of pride. That was precisely our goal – to give you a lot of beautiful music and inspire mutual kindness and respect. Smiling faces of the greatest audience in the world seem to confirm that the work was done and we can close “ORF 2015” folder.

With the first edition of the World Reggae Contest the festival gained serious global recognition. Foreign languages ​​ could be heard in the crowd more frequently and the world’s main reggae portal commented: “Apart from the line-up, bringing to my attention fabulous Polish acts that really deserve international recognition, I am deeply impressed with the efficient and thoroughly thought-out organisation (…) Oh that stage! Both visuals and audio proved to consist of the crème de la crème of technical equipment involved, making the festival a feast for eyes and ears. Honestly, compared to some German festivals, Ostroda leads by far! Ostroda, your vibes are lovely!!!”

The world could see the competition in the live video stream and Poland watched us again in broadcasts of Gentleman and Raging Fyah shows on the Polish National TVP 2.

“Thanks for a great festival experience” – wrote us Sam Clayton, the producer from the Jamaican Harry J Studios, where the World Reggae Contest winners Chainska Brassika will travel for a recording session (“We had the best time of our lives!”). From the management of Black Roots, the veterans active for over 30 years, we got an email saying: „The band absolutely loved the setting and the stage – in fact all of them told me that it was the best stage that they have ever performed on.”

We are proud of the lineup we provided this year. Everything went smooth according to the plan and individual shows and DJ sets were warmly received and certainly provided you many touching moments. Supporting diversity, we presented every subgenre of reggae from many places of the world, from Jamaica to Siberia. We showed how interesting, diverse and positively motivating this music can be and how long the history behind is. Your massive participation in workshops and educational meetings proves that Ostróda attracts the most conscious reggae audience. You also got to know the original initiators Alibabki and could realize that the Jamaican vibration has been already present in Poland for round 50 years now!

Over time, a wonderful group of people has developed and their hard work bears fruit in this festival. Thank you to all who support us and participate in preparation of this massive “Polish reggae holiday” ( We are happy working both with many volunteers, for whom work at the festival is an extremely important, as well as with the best companies for stages, sound, lighting or visuals. Without effective support from the city authorities, the event in its present shape would not be possible – thank you! Residents of the city – we also owe you some warm words for your kind welcome to thousands of our visitors. It is you who write comments like this: “I live in Ostróda and I look forward to this festival and the accompanying atmosphere. (Rasta) families with their children in the parks, the city is alive! I invite for reggae to Ostróda.”

We do not buy respect, neither fight for „likes”. We are just trying in everything we do to be true and real. Growing support for the event, its development, great guests, positive feedback and congratulations seem to confirm that this is the right way to go. In the world of Babylon’s delusion Ostróda lives under the “One Love” banner for these four magical days and no one have to further explain its meaning.

Together we have shown that it is possible to live differently and enjoy life. When the most beautiful music plays in the background, smiling to each other can be on top of the priorities’ list.

That is reggae for us, such a vision we are trying to implement. We are glad that you share it with us!

Are your batteries charged?

See you again next year in Ostróda!


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Ostróda Reggae Festival promoters

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