For over a decade, they have been the main driving force of the dub scene in Pomerania, and their regular events in the Tri-City always gather hundreds of people.

 The basic lineup of Pandadread Sound System are Bratrat and DHS. Together they create a duet typical for the sound system – selector / operator and deejay. Bratrat is responsible for the sound of the system, special effects and selection, while DHS rides the instrumental versions and takes care of contact with the audience using a microphone. After years of playing clubs, in 2009 they performed for the first time on their own, self-constructed sound system. Their music selection is Jamaican music from the ’70s to the’ 90s and its contemporary, dance & electronic mutations, mainly from Great Britain and Europe. Their favorite sound carrier is the immortal vinyl. Between 2006-2010 Pandadread Sound System were residents of Papryka Club in Sopot, where as part of the proprietary events “Dub_Sesja” they integrated the Tri-City scene focused on music originating from the Caribbean. Since 2010 they have been the hosts of the regular “Dub Mass” sound system sessions. Since 2013 they have been co-organizing the “Dub Club” parties. The idea of ​​D.I.Y. is close to them. Independently from external subsidies, they have organized hundreds of events, shows and sound system sessions, actively promoting their music and artists collaborating with them. In 2017 in cooperation with the London studio Lionz Den and distributor Tribe84 Records, the first vinyl single with the Pandadread label was released. Thanks to their persistent work, numerous cooperations and high quality events, they are already well-recognized in the scene. This results in many invitations to perform from Poland and abroad.

Ostróda Reggae Festival, Green Stage, 12.07.2019



Sista Lexxy – Learning Rastafari (Pandadread Sound System 7” vinyl)