One of the most respected and known Polish producers returns to the festival, accompanied by an experienced MC.

One of the brightest lights of the roots-influenced underground community, Poland born Mateusz Miller has pioneered a compelling and unique fusion of sounds that encompass dub, reggae and dubstep under his Radikal Guru moniker. Inspired by an appreciation of soundsystem culture, his music has become synonymous with suffocating degrees of dread bassweight, vibrant and eclectic palettes of tone, and varying energy levels that cater for both dancefloor focussed ruckus and for more meditative listening.
Heavily influenced by the dub music originators like King Tubby and Scientist, Matt first gained worldwide acclaim and recognition through a string of killer remixes and vinyl releases on London’s leading reggae/dubstep imprint Dubbed Out Records, before forming a creative partnership with fellow label Moonshine Recordings where he has gone on to cement his reputation as one of the strongest proponents of the scene.
His Moonshine discography boasts highlights that include his debut LP “The Rootstepa” and the mighty “Dread Commandments” 12” or his second LP ”Subconscious” that includes dancefloor killers like “Stay Calm” ft. YT or “Warning” ft. Echo Ranks. In 2016 he released his third studio album “Dub Mentalist” including more exciting collaborations and soundscapes.
Not only a talented producer, Matt is also a fine selector and deejay, conveying his passion for music through DJ sets that pay homage to the sound and culture’s rich history as much as they showcase the freshest cuts of sonic innovation from himself and his contemporaries. He has hit spots all around the world as far afield as Russia or South Africa to assault soundsystems with bass-fuelled beats and positive vibes, including recent gigs in the US, Mexico and Australia.

Baptiste represents 20 years of experience in burning stages and smoking microphones, he paid his duty to the sound system scene and culture. Originally from Normandy, France, he began his odyssey as a vocalist and frontman releasing 4 tracks with Kanka and Oliva from Blackboard Jungle on the acclaimed album “Every Night is Dub”. The opus launched Baptiste into a new level of recognition in his home country and throughout Europe and got him releasing several 7’s and 12’s on various labels in the first decade of the new milenium. He was also MC for drum’n’bass headliners such as Subfocus, Erb N Dub, Aphrodite, to name a few. After a tour in Asia, he moved to Australia in 2010 where he became a musical activist, touring and working with Monkey Mark, Jahtari, Mista Savona, Heartical Hifi Sound System or The 4’20 Sound. In 2015 he got signed with Sekkleman and Serocee to Moonshine Recordings. He was the official MC for Zion Train tour in Australia, Radikal Guru and for Benny Page.

Ostróda Reggae Festival, Green Stage, 12.07.2019




Radikal Guru ft Parly B & Baptiste – Tell Dem Fi Run

Radikal Guru – Dread Commandments

Radikal Guru ft Cian Finn – Sound System

Radikal Guru ft Jay Spaker – Build Fire

Sekkleman ft Baptiste – Dancehall Graveyard