We will be celebrating a special concert for 20 years on the stage of this energetic band.

Their current output includes four albums, and their music has undergone a transformation from fast ska to modern reggae. Etna Kontrabande perform at festivals in Poland and on international stages, mainly in the Czech Republic (including Colors of Ostrava and United Island of Prague). This year they received an invitation to the prestigious One Love festival in Great Britain. In 2016 they qualified to the final show of the World Reggae Contest at ORF.

As they say, their music is more than just playing. This mission is a way of life, total devotion to the content and watching the reality closely. Etna are against brainless digitalisation and racing for money. They believe it is necessary to deepen face to face relationships, emphasize on individuality, personal growth and harmony with each other. In December 2018 they released a new single „Kingston”. This year they are going to release their fifth album „Miejskie historie”. At this special anniversary show you can expect many invited guests.

Ostróda Reggae Festival, Red Stage, 12.07.2019




Ogień płonie

Fire burning on the dancefloor

Każdy zbiera życia łan feat. Ras Luta & I Grades

Wracamy do gry

Daj mi to czego nie da nic

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