The Warsaw based roots reggae band is the winner of the main prize in Ostróda’s contest last year and already one of the leading representatives of the genre in Poland.

They debuted in 2014, publishing the first singles that echoed in the audience. In 2017, their debut album “Stay Connected” was noticed as one of the best national reggae releases. The band’s members got connected by their love for roots music and created a new direction for the Polish scene. Their quality is the hope for Jamaican music here. Their style is recognizable all over the world. Johny Rockers music reached distant places, from Europe to Africa, USA or China.

This year they released the single and music video “Love is the Solution”, possible due to winning Czwórka Reggae Contest in 2018. The song promotes the band’s new album, being recorded.

Ostróda Reggae Festival, Red Stage, 13.07.2019



Love is the Solution

My Youth (I Remember)

live Ostróda Reggae Festival 2015

Mama Africa