ALPHA STEPPA & NAI-JAH (Great Britain / Nigeria)

ALPHA STEPPA & NAI-JAH (Wlk. Brytania / Nigeria)

Top artist in the world’s dub arena is coming with an African vocalist with whom he made his latest album.

The son and nephew of respected dub heavyweights Alpha & Omega, Alpha Steppa has been surrounded by soundsystem and dubplate culture from a young age. Now a talented producer in his own right, his productions connect the dots between the music which he has grown up around and the new generation of UK bass music of which he is a part. His dubbed out style draws upon the sounds of his musical heritage, filtered through an exploration of the newer sounds of dubstep. Ben has released 6 studio albums so far, 3 as Alpha Steppa and another 3 in collaboration with Alpha & Omega as Dub Dynasty. His most recent album entitled “The Great Elephant” was created entirely in cooperation with young vocalist Nai-Jah. It has been well received by audiences and music critics around the world, and their shows attract crowds of fans.

Nai-Jah comes from Nigeria and currently lives and develops his wings in France. Until recently, his career focused almost exclusively on building his own reggae / afro band Nai-Jah. At Ostróda Reggae Festival  they will present a two-hour liveact full of tasty dubplates, including material from the upcoming Dub Dynasty album.

Ostróda Reggae Festival, Green Stage, 12.07.2019



 Alpha Steppa & Nai-Jah – Biko (on London Bus)

Alpha Steppa & Nai-Jah – Chanting

Alpha Steppa & Nai-Jah – Repatriate Your Dollars (Shut Down by Police)

Dub Dynasty – Monsoon Come ft Ras Tinny, Alpha Steppa, Nai-Jah

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