They always provide right groove, from early reggae, ska and rocksteady to soul, funk and some rock. In Ostróda you will have a chance to hear some new songs, recorded for the upcoming album.

Cała Góra Barwinków (known also as CGB) started in 2002 in Klobuck but their beginnings reach 1997. Up to now they released 4 albums and managed to have a strong reputation in the Polish music scene. Their last album „Beat 2 Meet U”, was released in 2013. You could see them at the majority of the Polish festivals, including Przystanek Woodstock or Open’er. CGB’s first show in Ostroda is dated to 2003. Extended horn section and the bass player/vocalist Kuba Kaczmarek make their style unique. In 2014 they successfully participated in Polish edition of X-Factor. Kuba is also a guest singer for „Tribute to Alibabki”, special project honouring the original Alibabki – female pop band that brough Jamaican music to Poland back in 60s. Cała Góra Barwinków is a trade mark in the Polish music scene, associated with an optimistic view on the reality and high performance level. They performed about 600 shows in Poland and abroad.

Red Stage, 11.08





‘W górę na raz”




„Nie mam czasu”

„24 godziny”



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