Jah Love Sound System joined forces with Greenpeace Poland and Otwarte Klatki & Wszyscy Razem associations to create a place together, where you will be able to get some knowledge on important issues in addition to the music.
Every day from noon until late in the evening the activists will tell how to live in harmony with nature and other people. Through meetings, workshops and other activities & events each organization will introduce the subjects they are concerned about.
Greenpeace Poland will talk about the reasons and consequences of bees’ extinction. They will show what a great role in our life and our planet they play. They will advice how to live responsibly and in accordance with ecological principles.
Otwarte Klatki (“Open Cages”) will explain what battery farming involves. You will find out about the problems of ethical, environmental and health issues resulting from it. They will also talk on benefits of the vegetarian diet.
Wszyscy Razem (“All Together”) deal with the problem of discrimination, its reasons and the ways to fight it.
During each break between the shows on the Red Stage Jah Love Sound System will take you on a musical journey with dub, roots reggae, ska and raggamuffin.

See you there!

Red Military Base, 12-14.08.