Main live Red Stage lineup at ORF 2023 announced

The largest Polish celebration of reggae music will take place on July 6-9 2023 for
the 22nd time. To say that during these four days Ostróda will turn into ‘Polish
Jamaica’ is an understatement. The festival observes the history of music even from
wider perspective and presents many different branches of the positive inspiration
tree which started to grow over 60 years ago on the Caribbean island. It shows how
lively and colorful the reggae culture is and how it is undergoing changes. The
festival proves the universality and relevance of the ideals and values that reggae
promotes. This is appreciated by the international audience, coming in large
numbers to the event that unites people regardless of age, nationality or skin color.
As usual, ORF will first fire up their loudspeakers in the Ostróda Amphitheater and
then for 3 consecutive days they will fill the Sports and Recreation Complex with
music. The complex with its the modern stadium is situated close to the city center,
the lake and the city beach. The official campsite will be located in the shade of
trees in the Collis Park just at the side. These key elements were positively
commented by fans after ORF 2022. Proven solutions can also be seen in the
festival program. Several foreign performers who made their mark in the history of
the event with exceptionally successful and remembered performances will return to
the Red Stage. Considered the founder of the Jamaican Rasta school of hip-hop, one
of the island’s greatest young talents, Kabaka Pyramid, has just been nominated
for a Grammy Award for his next album produced by Damian Marley himself.
Kabaka has achieved a lot since his last show at ORF.
Great Britain plays a fundamental role as the European center for the development
of the Caribbean diaspora’s music, setting new directions and fusing reggae with
electronica or ‘urban culture’. UK artists will reign in 2023. The pioneers of rave dub
Dreadzone will celebrate their 30th anniversary. Explosive ‘pistoleros’, Dub
Pistols will return to Ostroda after 10 years to present a new album. Legendary
Zion Train will also promote their hot full-lenght release, their several
performances at ORF have made everyone dancing. High-energy Red Stage lineup
also includes French Jahneration, whose extraordinary hip-hop rock reggae show
was a real sensation at ORF 2019. 2023 sees the return of the Australian
revolutionary Nattali Rize, admired by crowds of Polish fans for her musical talent
and true message. Danish performers rarely visit ORF and we believe that the open
musical concept of Total Hip Replacement is worth showing – especially since they
come with Anyankofo, friends from Ghana, with whom they tour and record. We
promote Polish-Ukrainian solidarity. The Ukrainian The Vyo and The Polish Dubska,
after making the anti-war protest anthem together will also perform on the Red
Stage. Immanuel, a reggae/soul/funk band that is fundamental to the Polish
scene, will let you hear live their recently released “Night & the Light” album, while
Rebel Idrens, the sensational international project of Tomasz “Siwy” Wójcik
(Bakshish, MRR etc.) will present their impressive release “Irie Factor”. Masala
Soundsystem (20th anniversary show) and Surtarang will show how to combine
Jamaican influences with modern world music. Tabu will certainly not disappoint
with their 20th celebration and Damian SyjonFam, Shashamane or Etna
Kontrabande are Polish bands from the top, not to be missed. The oldschool
masters Paraliż Band and The Djangos will return with new albums. Taking into
account that the event’s name contains “reggae”, very special shows are being
prepared by two bands that have never visited ORF and are widely known and
admired for their positivity and talent: Voo Voo and Warsaw Village Band
(Kapela Ze Wsi Warszawa). Their performances will surely surprise even those who
have been following them for years.
For 3 days 3 stages will operate on the main festival grounds: Red Stage, Green
Stage and Yellow Stage. On Thursday the Amphitheater Stage will provide
proper warm up and early afternoons will be nicer because of The Pier Stage.
ORF’s tradition are also side events and activities: workshops, the Reggae
University meetings, film screenings. It will be no different in 2023! Moreover, you
can expect colorful stands, creative children’s zones and even a guided tour of the
beautiful city of Ostróda.

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Ostróda, known as the “Pearl of the Masuria region”, is opening its gates to colorful
guests bringing peace and smile again. A beautiful city with its relaxing, tourist
atmosphere and a wide range of accommodation is the best destination. If you’ve
been here before, you’ll surely agree. If you haven’t had the opportunity yet – come
and see for yourself!

See you soon,
Positive Music Promotion
The promoters


The festival is supported by:
The City of Ostroda
Positive Music Promotion
Marszałek Gustaw Brzezin
Urząd Marszałkowski w Olsztynie
Gazeta Wyborcza
Radio 357
Centrum Kultury w Ostródzie
Ostródzkie Centrum Sportu i Rekreacji
Neo Komputer
Jamaica Tourist Board
Sajmino Hotelo

* The project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund under the
Regional Operational Program for the Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship for 2014-2020
and the state budget.