Ostróda Reggae Festival 2016 dates

For 16th time we invite you to Ostróda Reggae Festival. The dates are Aug 11th-14th 2016. As in previous years, the festival will take place in the City Amphitheatre (first day) and at the Red Military base in Ostróda, Poland.
First details soon!

2 thoughts on “Ostróda Reggae Festival 2016 dates

  1. Hello, I am from Italy and i have been already in Poland and i love your country and its people. I would like to join you and help as volunteer.
    I have been working as volunteer for many years at several festivals and in different countries in Europe.
    I have many experiences and i can help lot because i love to give my best to make festival success. I worked also at Psychedelic Trance festivals with many Deco teams.
    I am quiet good on that as i did that job in many festivals.I am really looking forward to come back to Poland. I was invited by Polish friends to come to Ostroda festival. I have been also at Audio River festival and Woodstock. I would like to participate and see how the polish reggae festivals are. I hope to hear from you. All the best!
    A presto!

  2. damn i really wish i could come to such a great event… living too far away and no cash :´( big up from italy and Germany!!

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