In our weirdest dreams, we couldn’t imagine that the 20th edition of Ostróda Reggae Festival would look like this. In 2021 we refer to the old song “I&I Survive”. Because the most important thing is that we survived. The most important thing is that we are. The most important thing is that we can still enjoy life and great reggae music. It will be fine, though we have to do it on a microscale.

Here are a handful of details that you are all anxiously waiting for:

  1. Ostróda Reggae Festival will be held on 9-11 July 2021 (3 days) at the Amphitheater in Ostróda.
  2. Three festival stages are planned: Red Stage – the main stage in the Amphitheater, Green Stage – the sound system stage in the Amphitheater room, Yellow stage – the sound system stage on the Ostróda pier. The entire program is focused on Polish artists, although we are planning a small sensation on a global scale. You can also expect Czwórka Reggae Contest, Reggae University and workshops. As usual, there will be a children’s zone for the youngest participants.
  3. We are bound by COVID regulations including audience limit of 999 people (50% of the capacity, with no possibility to organize mass events).
  4. The tickets are already sold out and their sale has been suspended. These are the tickets you bought and saved for ORF 2020 and 2021. Due to the capacity limit, we cannot sell more of them. We are very sorry for that.
  5. If the regulations allow for more public admission, we will start selling tickets on the spot.
  6. Ticket owners who are dissatisfied with our plan and those who cannot come to Ostróda this year, please be informed that tickets can be returned to our distributor – eBilet. However, in case of return, you receive a voucher to be redeemed in their store, and we carry the cost of several dozen zlotys for this operation. Therefore, we suggest reselling tickets to other fans on your own in such situation. We won’t be making any problems with the names. The best way to do this is by posting your offer at the ORF FB group:


be at the ORF 2021 event:


Surely there will be people willing to buy your ticket.

  1. The official campsite will be located in the Collis Park. We will inform you about the details soon.
  2. Due to the inability to meet all the requirements related to the EU project “Ostróda Reggae Festival as the cultural heritage of the region”, its implementation is scheduled to start in 2022.
  3. We will provide all the details of this year’s program in the coming days. Decisions have only just been made and we need to work out all the details.

Better something than nothing. See you in Ostróda!


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