RAGGATTACK (Poland / Nigeria)

The pioneers of dancehall and raggamuffin in Poland return for one sensational show!

 Raggattack was active between 1999-2002. This original project was created by the vocalist from Nigeria, Henry Mmereole and the Polish music producer Janusz “Yasman” Kusz. Their joint activities began in 1993, when they started Forward Sound System. Raggattack aimed to fill the gap that existed at that time in Poland. They proposed raggamuffin and dancehall, popular trends in the world, but not yet existing in Poland. However, their music also featured elements of reggae, soul, rhytm’n’blues, dub, jungle and hip-hop. The lyrics spoke about culture, racism and the problems of the modern world, but also about girls, love and holidays. They debuted in Warsaw on Earth Days in Pola Mokotowskie. In the bands competition at Soundman Music Festival in Węgorzewo the band won main award. After their show at Przystanek Woodstock in Żary, the group was described by Jerzy Owsiak as the greatest discovery of the festival. In 2000 the band changed their formula and started performing with a drum machine and synthetic bass. In 2001 the group was joined by Olissa Rae from Kenya, who combined ethnic African singing and raggamuffin.

Their only album “Boom Boom” was released a year later. At this occassion they made video for “Mała Jasmin”. Their music can also be heard on compilations “…Reggae Christmas”, “Dub out of Poland Vol. 2”, „Reggae z szuflady” or „Reggae Xmass”.

Due to their multiracial lineup, Raggattack often participated in events promoting the ideas of tolerance and opposition to racism and xenophobia. It included, among others, The Refugee Day in Warsaw, Tolerance Days in Łódź, “Tolerance in United Europe” conference in Chełm.

In Spring of 2002, Raggattack performed as a sound system (Yasman and Henry) at one of the first Polish sound clashes in Poznań. In Summer same year, Yasman decided to leave Raggattack, and the band ceased to exist.

Today, we are going to remind this interesting and already forgotten history of Polish music.

Ostróda Reggae Festival, Red Stage, 12.07.2019




„Mała Yasmin”


„Boom Boom”




Live Folk Fest Krotoszyn, 1999


„Ganja Man”

Raggattack – Ganja Man

Utwór z płyty Boom Boom 2002

Opublikowany przez Raggattack Wtorek, 19 lutego 2013

„Mtoto in Dub” (Kadubra Dub Rmx)


„We don’t like reggae!”