Songs about Ostróda Reggae Festival

Few festivals can boast such a large number of songs on their topic, special dubplates. During 15 years of Ostroda Reggae Festival we collected 29 of them! Most of them used “Positive Riddim” by Ostróda’s local band Positive.  The riddim was created in May 2006 by the festival’s director, Piotr “Piter” Kolaj. Recorded by: Adam Celiński at Studio Radioaktywni Czestochowa. Also a lot of other songs about the festival were done, including real killers from Big Family, Tabu or Dubska, to mention a few. Enjoy all of them now for the occasion of 15th anniversary of Ostróda! Download option for each particular song at Soundcloud or the whole package:

Positive lineup in the recording:

Piotr Kolaj – bass, guitar, Grzegorz “Boris” Borkowski- guitar, Mariusz “Marian” Ślusarski – drums, Marek Makles (Habakuk) – keyboards, Marek & Szczepan Pospieszalscy – brass section