With the next cups for the soundsystem clashes, the crew under the banner “The Strongest Eastern Spirit” returns.

Splendid Sound is a resilient sound of musical perverts from Wrocław, still growing in strength. The crew consists of Matys, Zilla, Szczepan and Kotune – four fans of Jamaican music, combined with the desire to carry Jamaican education to the most remote corners of Poland and Europe. Being a sound in true Jamaican style, they send the public tons of energy, and their motto “you fucked” seems to work at every party. Caribbean charts, the latest releases straight from the island, a substantial ammunition of dubplates, a selector and hypeman presenting everything that will entertain the most daunting party-goers. In addition to regular events, Splendid Sound is known primarily for soundclashes. Since their debut at the clash in 2009, they have already collected 9 impressive trophies. With this achievement they are currently the only team from Eastern Europe that is able to compete at a serious level on such parties. Over the years, they have played countless events in Poland. They were invited to the Czech Republic, Norway, Austria, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Slovakia, Portugal and Bulgaria. They organized events with the most important artists from all over Europe and they do not plan to slow down!

Ostróda Reggae Festival, Green Stage, 14.07.2019






Splendid promo video


Splendid live Sława


Splendid live Berlin, Euro Cup Clash 2012


Splendid live Innsbruck, Let Die 2015