One of the foundation bands for Polish reggae is back and after 15 shows at ORF, nobody should be surprised.

The history of one of the most important reggae bands in Poland dates back to 2003 and Warsaw. Vavamuffin is a combination of two words: Jamaican “raggamuffin” meaning the style of singing and “Vava” meaning Warsaw. The band included both debutants and experienced players. Their debut album “Vabang!” was released in 2005 and it started another revolution in the history of Polish reggae. Then they released its remix version “Dubang!” (2006) and subsequent albums “Inadibus” (2007), “Mo ‘Better Rootz” (2010), “Solresol” (2013) and “V” (2016). They also put out live DVD from Przystanek Woodstock Festival. From the beginning they are the flagship artist of Karrot Kommando label. Vavamuffin played more than a thousand shows, from small clubs to performances for +100.000. They perform in Poland and abroad (USA, Ethiopia, Egypt, Belarus, Italy, Germany, Finland, Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ireland, Great Britain, Georgia). Their energetic shows is one of the key factors of their popularity. As the first Polish artist in history, Vavamuffin was the winner of the prestigious British Reggae Industry Awards 2012 as the Best International Group.

Ostróda Reggae Festival, Amphitheater, 11.07



Fi Brothers & Sisters

live Ostróda Reggae Festival, Poland, 2017

Hooligan Rootz


Gra Gitara

Odrobina tej radości

Nie pękaj


Paramonov live Przystanek Woodstock 2012

Koronowane głowy

Jah jest Prezydentem live Przystanek Woodstock 2006

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