The fundamental group for the Polish reggae history is recording a new album. It means you can expect a mix of their canonical songs with a new, contemporary vision.

Bakshish have been pleasing reggae fans in Poland with their music for over 35 years. They are one of the very first and most important Polish reggae bands. Bakshish was started in 1982 in small town Kluczbork. The same year they played their first local gigs in student clubs. They succeeded to reach the final of the Polish National Radio 3 contest and won the award at the legendary Jarocin festival in 1983, where they performed also next year. They supported Misty in Roots at their show in Wroclaw 1983, during first ever Jamaican reggae act tour in Poland. TV live show filmed also same year, despite the announcements, was not broadcasted because of the sudden deaths of two USSR leaders. Bakshish at this time could be also seen at major festivals all over Poland. In 1992 they made their first album at Robert Brylewski’s Zlota Skała Studio. Titled „One Love”, it sold in tens of thousands copies. In 1994 they worked with the German producer Felix Wolter, on “Eye” album. Next album to be released was “B-3” (2000). After many years they were back with “4 I-ver” (2012). Bakshish experience was shared by dozens of musicians, but its foundation has always been the vocalist, Jarek “Jarex” Kowalczyk. The last singles are „Źrenica” and „Diament”. 2017 was the celebration year for the 35th anniversary of the band and is remembered due to a special show at the Opole Amphitheater, with the Opole Philharmonic Orchestra and many guests. Universal released “Alive” album (2017). The musical experience of the band’s leader, Jarex, is not about the live band only. His solo project Tabu Duby is considered pioneers of electro dub in Poland.

Ostróda Reggae Festival, Red Stage, 12.07.2019





„Dyskryminacja” (live symfonicznie Opole 2017, 35 urodziny)

„Polska” (live symfonicznie Opole 2017, 35 urodziny)

„Jedna kropla”

Bakshish live Ostroda Reggae Festival 2017

„Drogi nasze”

“Jah is my driver”, live 25-lat, Ostróda 2007