One of the very first reggae units among Masurian lakes. This show is a tribute to local tradition and a reminder of music veterans from this part of Poland.
The beginnings of the band date back to late 80’s when in Węgorzewo, a group Trench Town was started. After they split in 1993, time for Dobra Siła has come. Free life in a small town filled a daily sessions lasting for several hours resulted in proposals of shows and the release of the cassette “Another Mazur Style” by Folk Time. The lineup changed several times until the show at Woodstock in 1997, when they decided to suspend operations for several years. At that time they contributed to the project Berklejdy, processing traditional folk tunes from Masuria region with reggae dub, using stringed dulcimer. In present arrangements of Dobra Siła you can can hear echoes of that period with elements of blues, rock and folk.
Members of Dobra Siła were also involved in promoting the local festival “Reggae Skanking.”
Ostróda Reggae Festival, Amfiteatr, 11.08.2016

“Jaki to czas” live

Dobra Siła feat. MadMajk – “Muzyka” clip

“Serce głębokie” live

Dobra Siła live