GRUBSON (Poland)

One of the greatest Polish hip-hop artists fueled with positive vibration returns to Ostróda with his incredible live show. Behind him you will see a perfect live machine called Sanepid Band.

His adventure with hip-hop began in the early 90’s thanks to his brother, who was engaged in promoting this culture in their hometown Rybnik. He started to create his own music at the turn of 1997-1998 in Po 3-na Różnica. In 2001 GrubSon begins to promote music events, and soon after a new project Wolność słowa was born. However, after the first home recorded demo they split up.

2003 sees GrubSon releasing “N.O.C.” (Nowiny Osiedle Chrabowa) – self produced set on the edge between rap and dancehall. Soon he teams up with Bezkres crew, starting Wspólny Mianownik Soundsystem with them, in order to dig deeper into reggae & dancehall. GrubSon also starts to build up rhythms for more and more artists. In 2005 he meets Metrowy and starts working on the next solo release. In 2007 winning a contest gives GrubSon an opportunity to record a song with Junior Stress “Siła z pokoju” for the third part of Magiera and L.A compilation “Kodex”. In 2008 Feel-X’s label puts out a mixtape “Siła-Z-Pokoju MixTape Vol.1” with his participation. A year later GrubSon joins MaxFlo Records and releases his official debut album “O.R.S.”. 2011 marks a double CD release “Coś więcej niż muzyka” (“Something More Than Music”) that enjoys platinum status after less than half a year.

Grubson’s distinctive “open hiphop” style and positive, relevant lyrics enjoy a lot of support. In 2013 he started performing and recording with a new born live band Sanepid, which had a major impact on the scale of his shows.

A year later MaxFloRec released Jarecki and BRK’s “Point of View” (members of Grubson’s band) with GrubSon as a producer and DJ TwardyKark.

2015 is the time of “Holism”. On this album, Grubson mixes genres like soul, funk, electronic or alternative music, greatly expanding beyond hip hop. With special guests appearances of popular Krzysztof Zalewski, Marcelina, Ten Typ Mes and Chip Fu from the legendary Fu-Schnickens, “Holism” was enthusiastically received both by fans and media.

The Amphitheatre, 10.08




GrubSon – Dżungla

GrubSon ft. Marcelina – “Jedna z planet”

GrubSon – “Na szczycie” clip

GrubSon ft. Jarecki – Oddech

GrubSon ft Emilia – “Naprawimy to” clip

GrubSon & BRK jako Gruby Brzuch – “Złap za…” clip

GrubSon – “Spiesz się powoli / Nowa fala” clip

GrubSon & BRK jako Gruby Brzuch – “Ostatni raz”

GrubSon ft. BRK, BU i Metrowy – “Wakacje” clip

GrubSon & BRK jako Gruby Brzuch ft. BU – “Zacieszacz” clip