KINGFISHA (Australia)

Brisbane roof raisers Kingfisha have been laying down weighty reggae and dub, cementing themselves as Australia’s premier modern act of the genre. The six-piece band couple their love of Jamaican rhythms with personal depth and style. For the fans of the Antipodes’ music school, respected worldwide for Fat Freddy’s Drop and the others.

Since 2009 internationally renowned Queensland roots-reggae aficionados have built a rock-solid following delivering world-class music. Kingfisha sound highlights heavy and deep all-encompassing rhythms with the feather-light touch and perfect soul vocals. After incredibly well received self-titled debut album with the single ‘Piece of the Puzzle,’ Kingfisha enjoyed touring opportunities that have taken them to places like Southern Africa. Charting nationally across community radio, they won Queensland Music Award and played three stellar tours. Kingfisha were well received on their first New Zealand tour. Festival appearances became Kingfisha’s natural habitat and they were added to an illustrious list including Woodford Folk Festival, Mullum Music Festival, Womadelaide, The Big Chill Festival and many others.

In 2015, Kingfisha, in collaboration with Canadian EDM label Westwood Recordings, flipped their dedicated roots vibe on its head by releasing the surprise “Kingfisha Remixed” EP. It featured a varied roster of producers from the UK, Holland, Canada and Australia. The EP held the #1 spot on the dub/reggae charts for several weeks.

Kingfisha have just released their second studio album “Offered It Up” and touring Europe for the first time, including Reggae Sun Ska Festival, Rototom Sunsplash, Boomtown and Ostróda.

Red Stage, 12.08.2017



Kingfisha Showreel 2017

„Piece of the Puzzle”

„Worn Out Your Welcome”

„Digging for Fire”

Keep The Water Running live