Feels like an eclectic live act combining electronic, ethnic, dub and rap music, performed by highly acclaimed artists.

Shamanika (Natalia Norko) is a singer who hypnotizes the audience like a shaman during the concerts, with her magical voice and dance. In Natalia’s musical activities she is inspired by anthropology, theater, yoga, Buddhism, mysticism, shamanism, music therapy and travels around the world. She believes in the healing power of sound and learns about music therapy, using instruments and voice. According to her, if you use dance as a tool, you can get into trance and transform your discomfort into pure energy. In her lyrics she plays with Polish. In singing, she created a specific style between melodeclamation, sung poetry and rap. She became known to many fans in the Polish dub scene thanks to Zebra band, started with Zdzisław Orłowski in 2007. 10 years later Natalia created a musical and ethnic project “Ina Makha”, meaning “Songs in tribute to Mother Earth”. In 2015, She adopted stage name Shamanika and began to create her own productions and play as a DJ, remaining open to various styles, from electronic to ethnic music.

In 2018, Lou & Rocked Boys label released her first solo album as Shamanika, “Góry poruszę”. It’s the fruit of her collaboration with 3 producers: Adam Masztalerz (Gradu Minimo, Nowy Folder), Łukasz Dino Dinort (Fat Pajp, Jabbadub) and Sonny Phillips (Dubabuse, Task Number One, Swagga Soundsystem).

In this live project, Shamanika collaborates with Pablo Raster – producer, instrumentalist and vocalist from Italy. Under the RasteR project banner, during 12 years he produced and released 7 albums and played over 900 shows. He also produced countless remixes and riddims for Italian and foreign artists. For several years, he has been focused on his solo career as Pablo Raster. His latest album is a collaboration with Hornsman Coyote. He releases on the French ODG Prod label and lives in Wrocław, Poland. Pablo Raster’s performances are a mixture of live mix, energy, electronic beats, enriched with dub sirens, effects and filters. It’s bassy danceable contemporary music created and produced for dub sound systems.

The second musician on this set is Wiktor Golc, the legendary master of drums from Wrocław. He is one of the pioneers playing African music in Poland. Wiktor uses a rich set of ethnic drums and percussion.

Ostróda Reggae Festival, Green Stage, 13.07.2019



Shamanika – Pragnę więcej

Shamanika – A ja tańczę

Shamanika & Dino Dub – Piece of cake

Pablo Raster – live Ostróda Reggae Festival 2017

Pablo Raster and Hornsman Coyote – Dog Eat Dub (live dub)