Live act showcase of talented local dub master with four vocal guests.

Skank Ranger is a producer from Olsztyn who derives all the best from Jamaican music. For his dub trips he takes people from all sorts of musical vibes along the way. Skank Ranger is guided by a simple rule: Love it? DUB IT!

The microphones will be used by:

MC Polish Man – MC from Elbląg, who worked with many soundsystems and DJs. Known for energetic raggamuffin drive on the microphone during events and for “Divided We Fall”, a recently released single by PazurTupakaRec.

Gorzki aka Binx is MC / toaster, often with Skank Ranger during his live dub acts. He is a co-founder of the Olsztyn Lonely Tree Sound collective, with whom he released albums “Natura Rerum” and „Digital Shaman”. A philosopher, Rastaman, a migrant, a seeker, a cultural researcher and a lover of nature. He began his adventure with reggae during the Ostróda festival and now returns every year. “The Jamaican source and the Slavic message to the dub heads” he said.

Ciocia Olson is a young singer from Ostróda. Last year at ORF your could hear her performing solo album. Thanks to the trust and kindness of older colleagues from the industry, it happened on some sound system stages. She is currently working on a new solo album, which will be released later this year.

AleksandraAleksandra – experimental singer, brought straight from the sea. Many times a finalist of sung poetry festivals. Musician, writer and novice producer, cooperating with artists from surprisingly different musical spaces.

 Ostróda Reggae Festival, Amphitheater, 11.07.2019



Skank Ranger x I-Steppa – Warmia Spirit


Gorzki aka Binx – Życie w darze [prod. Skank Ranger]

Dreadsquad [feat. Ciocia Olson & AleksandraAleksandra] – Gorący Vibe

AleksandraAleksandra x Pikers @Ying-Yang