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Their identity comes from the unique voice of the singer Pupajim and “Dubadub”, defined as their subtle blend of dub, dubstep, and digital reggae. One of the leading forces in the European dub sound system scene first time at the Polish festival!

The story begins in 2000 in French Britany, when Rootystep (selecta) and Mac Gyver (operator) decided to create a sound system with the aim of sharing their common passion for roots reggae and early digital. They were joined by Pupajim – the MC, the singer and the dub builder and, quite recently, by Merry (trumpet). Stand High Patrol gradually moved towards stepper dub production. 16 years later the sound is more present than ever. Built alike hip-hop instrumentals, their Dubadub style is a hybrid and dynamic style that find its followers among fans of dub, hip hop and electronic music.
When Stand High Patrol run a session, it’s always rough and dynamic. Pupajim sings and animates while his dubs are reinterpreted by Mac Gyver and Rootystep. Mac Gyver dubs the whole thing with his effects. The dubs made by Pupajim are never played two times the same way and the “dubadub muskateers” never offer the same show.
In 2009 Stand High Patrol created their own label “Stand High Records”. In 2012, after releasing several EPs and singles, the Dubadub Musketeerz presented their first album “Midnight Walkers”. Pupajim, Rootystep and Mac Gyver returned in 2015 with their second self-produced album “A Matter of Scale”.
After plenty of sessions at major stages like Summerjam, Reggae Sunsplash, Telerama Dub Festival, Outlook, Garance Reggae Festival, time has come to present them first time at the Polish festival stage. Their previous club appearances in Poland met a huge interest from the local fans.

Ostróda Reggae Festival, Green Stage, 13.08.2016



Sleep on it

Ruckus live at Dub Camp Festival

Live Telerama Dub Festival 2013

Midnight Walkers – Skank It Up release party

Freestyle at Party Time Reggae Show

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