All over the world artists not without a reason have been paying tributes to the King of Reggae. A project consisting of Riddim Bandits band and a cream of the crop of Polish reggae singers was born in Wroclaw two years ago. The occasion was Bob Marley’s birthday, always heavily celebrated in Poland.

Riddim Bandits need no introduction in Poland. The backing band for popular singer Mesajah grew to the status of the top-skilled Polish reggae units. At the two shows of „Tribute to Bob Marley” project that took place at Wroclaw’s „Stary Klasztor” club, they were joined on stage not only by reggae artists, but also hip-hop and electronic music performers.

At their show in Ostróda own versions of Bob’s classics will be sung by: Dawid Portasz (Jafia, Rastasize), Mesajah, Damian Syjonfam, Martyna Baranowska (Chilli Crew), Nadia (Naaman), I Grades, Cheeba (Eastwest Rockers) and Wlazi (Bethel).

There is no need to prove that Marley’s music is eternal and his message is always up-to-date. But it is worth to check how the top Polish artists can interpret the classics.

„Get up, Stand up”, „War”, „Is This Love”, „Buffalo Soldier”, „Could you be Loved”, „One Love” and many others – inna Polish stylee!

Red Stage, 12.08