In recent years he has grown into a leading Polish roots music artist, with a characteristic emotional style that cannot be imitated.

After the success of the previous two albums, in 2018 Damian invited his fans to “Czuję, jestem jestem” release. It is music for those who have not lost their sensitivity, still feel and compassionate. Damian isn’t anymore just a singer, songwriter, composer and guitarist. Many years ago he completed sound production course in London. Today on this album he appears as One Fam – in the new role of a multi-instrumentalist and a producer of his songs. Most of them were played and produced by him in his own home studio. Damian is always searching in always evolving reggae and the modern sounds of the contemporary Jamaican scene are familiar to him. His style is not obvious, and the compositions can make a surprise. Electronics adds flavor to live instruments. Three songs on the album are the result of his cooperation with D’Roots Brothers band backing him at the shows. The guests list includes Watzek Wawrzyniak, the singer and the brass section from Tabu, Stanisław Leszczyński – the violinist / bassist for Chonabibe and Neoklez, and even Damian’s son, Dawid. “Prawda” song is based on a sample of Warsaw Village Band. In this fast and increasingly dehumanized world, Damian constantly appeals for mutual understanding, peace and respect. Instead of worn-out lyric schemes, we deal with stories based on life experiences and insightful observations. The stories he narrates involve and always lead to a punch line. A critical and bitter look at the reality is balanced with uplifting songs that emphasize the meaning of love – both to the world and your relatives. You do not have to be a reggae fan to feel touched by the charm of this album.

Damian’s music journey began in 1996 when he started to work with Natura reggae band. In 2007 he founded ComeYah, who impressed Poland in 2012 with their “Na Wschód” album. In 2014 he released the first solo album „Wracam do domu”, which landed on to the second place of record sales in Poland. Two years later, the second album „To co było, to będzie” was released. 2017 marks a vinyl compilation „Ten świat jest twój”, including previously unavailable songs “Terror” and “Fałszywy doktor”.

His great band D’Roots Brothers will back him at another show in Ostróda.

Ostróda Reggae Festival, Red Stage, 13.07.2019





„Czuję, więc jestem”


„Kto siłę ma”





„Ekonomiczna wojna”


„Wracam do domu”

„Syrena” Live Pol’n’rock 2018