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„Wake Up” is already 5th Maleo Reggae Rockers’ album and 7th of their leader, Darek Malejonek, in recent 2 years. That makes them one of the busiest bands in Poland. You will hear that in Ostróda.

The leader of Maleo Reggae Rockers is Dariusz „Maleo” Malejonek, who began his musical career in 1983 in Kultura, to join forces with Robert Brylewski in Izrael – Kultura and Izrael. He recorded 5 albums with them. Darek was a bass player for legendary punk/HC bands Moskwa and Armia. In 1989 he founded Houk, who released 5 albums including epic “Transmission into your Heart”. He is also a co-founder of 2 Tm 2,3 (Tymoteusz), Arka Noego and Panny Wyklete project. In 1997 Maleo formed Maleo Maleo Reggae Rockers. A year later they released the debut album “ZaZuZi”. In 2001 the group played a Polish tour with Jamaican singer Michael Black, and a year later toured the country with Kofi Ayivor (the lead singer for legendary Osibisa) & Michael Black. These collaborations can be heard on “Maleo Reggae Rockers & Michael Black Live 2002” album and “Maleo Reggae Rockers at Woodstock 2003″ DVD. 2006 is the next studio album „ReggaeMova”, followed with „Addis Ababa” (2009), inspired by Maleo’s trip to Africa. It was the first ever reggae album nominated to the Fryderyki Awards – the main music award in Poland. The band participated in the events commemorating the Warsaw Uprising, “the doomed soldiers” and „Solidarity with Belarus” shows. Summer 2010 saw them playing at Rototom Sunsplash in Spain. Soon after another live album hit the stores – “Maleo Reggae Rockers & goście – XVI Przystanek Woodstock”.
„Rzeka Dzieciństwa” („River of Childhood”, 2011) contains cover versions of classic Polish songs from Niemen, Grechuta, Nalepa, Krajewski etc., presented with a roots reggae manner spiced with rock steady, blues and funk. Their next disc is „Revolution”, return to sharper and more diverse style, full of various ethnic and cultural influences. Latest MRR’s album is „Wake up” (2015).

Ostróda Reggae Festival, Red Stage, 12.08.2016


„Mamy Siebie”

„Słyszę” feat. Grubson, clip

“Ryzyko” live ORF 2014

„Revolution / Na krawędzi [Майдан 2014]” clip

„Alibi” clip

“Moc” clip

„Dzikie Serce” clip

„Hasanoga” clip

„Ostrożnie!” clip

„Serca nie oszukasz” clip

„Płoną góry, płoną lasy” clip

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