“That’s the music or hearts and souls, our hearts and souls that we are giving to the people, with no musical business tricks or a mental swindle” – short but fully, Vavamuffin as always in Ostróda!

The history of one of the most important reggae bands in Poland started in 2003 in Warsaw. Vavamuffin is a combination of two words: Jamaican “raggamuffin” meaning singing style and “Vava” – simply Warsaw. The band consists of both beginners and veterans of the Polish reggae scene.
In 2005 they released their debut album “Vabang”, widely considered as a torch that started the next revolution in the history of Polish reggae. It was followed by its remix compilation “Dubang” (2006) and subsequent albums “Inadibusu” (2007) and “Mo ‘Better Rootz” (2010). Since the beginning they are a flagship for Karrot Kommando label. Vavamuffin also released live DVD of their concert at Woodstock Festival, performing for some hundreds of thousand people.
They played from small clubs to massive audiences at Przystanek Woodstock, in Poland and abroad (USA, Ethiopia, Italy, Germany, Finland, Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ireland, United Kingdom).
As the first Polish artist they were awarded the prestigious British Reggae Industry Award for Best International Group 2012. 2013 brought another album, “Solresol”, reviewed as: “characteristic fusion of classic reggae and raggamuffin enriched now with elements of electronic music, soul, rock, hip-hop, oriental music, Balkan, and even pop.”
Currently the band is recording a new album, and you will definitely hear the new material in Ostroda.
Reggaenerator, one of the three singers: “This album surely again will be different than all the previous ones, but in case of Vavamuffin it’s standard. Life goes on and we flow with it, we develop and we have new inspirations and thoughts.” He adds: “It will be primarily based on a solid groove, because all the riddims were recorded fully live in an old cottage in the Bieszczady region. It is not too much orchestrated and quite varied in style and the vibe. In principles nothing changes. Some fun and some food for thought “about the ladies and other issues”, as Silver Dread once described reggae. There is no pressure that could force Vavamuffin to look back, turn commercial and think in terms of targets.”

Ostróda Reggae Festival, Red Stage, 14.08.2016



Live Ostróda Reggae Festival 2015

„Bless” – live @ Ostróda Reggae Festival 2014

„Gra Gitara” clip

„Odrobina tej radości” clip

„Nie pękaj” clip

„Barbakan” clip

live Ostróda Reggae Festival 2012

„Paramonov” live Przystanek Woodstock 2012

„Koronowane głowy” clip

„Hooligan Rootz” clip

“Z samego dna” live Ostróda Reggae Festival 2010

fot. Jacek Smoter