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He grabbed the mike as early as elementary school. Not strange when his father is the founder of one of the oldest Polish sound systems, Love Sen-C Music. Top Polish reggae singer returns to Ostróda.

Today Junior Stress, like Junior Gong, can define himself as “the youngest veteran”. The amount of his sound system appearances in last 15 years is uncountable and live shows with his band Sun El Band reached triple-digit number. Using alter-ego Jurek Dress, he also promotes dancehall as a part of Dancehall Masak-Rah crew. Junior Stress released 3 studio albums – „L.S.M.”, „Dzięki” and ”Sound systemowej sceny syn”, worked with all top artists of Polish reggae and hip-hop and made some international collaborations. His recent album ”Sound systemowej sceny syn” (“A Son of the Sound System Scene”), released in 2015 on Karrot Kommando, enjoyed very high reviews from media and fans. The songs combine reggae, rub a dub, hip-hop and nyahbinghi drums sound. Guest appearances included Vienio, Chonabibe and Deadly Hunta.
In Ostróda Junior Stress will perform with his Cracow based Sun El Band.

Ostróda Reggae Festival, The Amphitheatre, 11.08.2016



„Ludzie już nie zniszczą nic” clip

„Spieszmy się” clip

„Wieś się niesie” clip

“Wojny za miedzą”

Junior Stress & Sun El Band & I Grades – “LSM” live Ostróda 2012

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