TALLIB (Poland)

For 9 years he continues great reggae tradition of Lublin town. On stage and on the last album TaLLib is backed by infallible D’Roots Brothers. Entitled “Twoje miejsce twój czas” („Your place, your time”), it already sounds like a title for the album presentation in Ostróda!

Tomek Słota started his musical activity under the nick-name TaLLib in 2007, releasing his first maxi single „Demo-LLition” in internet. A talent for singing was inherited in the genes – he is the son of Jerzy Słota, known for his performances with the legendary VOX.
Since then TaLLib performed more than 200 shows and attracted a lot of fans. His videos score hit 6 million views on YouTube. Universal and positive message makes him interesting for multi-age audience. TaLLib combines different genres of music – you hear him performing both purely party songs and romantic ballads. TaLLib writes only in his native language – “When I write a song in Polish, I can express what I feel the most accurately” – says the artist from Lublin. The first album, „Prosto z serca” (“Straight from the Heart”) was a mix of reggae, dancehall, hip-hop and R&B and enjoyed big interest. It brought his biggest hit song “My Lady”. JuniorBwoy, Bob One, Cheeba & Grizzulah of EastWest Rockers and DJ Feel-X, among the others, appeared there as guests. Readers and editors of “Free Colours” magazine awarded the album with “Debut of the Year 2012” title.
“Twoje miejsce twój czas” (2015) is the second album from TaLLib and it’s dominated by reggae and dancehall. D’Roots Brothers band are responsible for the instruments, as well as backing him at live shows. Featured singers are Junior Stress, Sztoss and Mesajah. The album was mixed by one of the greatest European reggae producers, Umberto Echo from Germany.

Ostróda Reggae Festival, City Amphitheatre, 11.08.2016




Moi Ludzie ft. Mesajah

Moja lady

Prosto z serca

Do końca

Moje feat. DJ Feel-X

“Do końca” live „Świat się kręci”, TVP2

“Witamy w dżungli” feat. Sztoss, D’Roots Brothers, live Noc Kultury 2013

“Moja lady” feat. Sztoss, D’Roots Brothers, live Ostróda Reggae Festival 2013

“Moja lady” feat. Sztoss, D’Roots Brothers, live Ostróda Reggae Festival 2013