Leading aficionados of Jamaican ska-jazz in Poland, praised by backing the project “Tribute to Alibabki” and main Polish representation of the genre abroad, return to Ostroda with the new album etitled “Poles are movin’!”

The Bartenders met in Warsaw in 2006. Fascination with the achievements of Jamaican music of 60s/70s last century was what connected them. They performed at most of reggae and ska festivals in Poland, with their own sets or backing artists like Dr. Ring Ding. In 2013 they released their debut album „Szumna Sessions”. Among the vocal guests you can hear Dr. Ring Ding, Earl Jacob, Mamadou Diouf, Duże Pe and Kuba Wirus. The album was very well received, and “The Polecat” song was in the top of The Polish Radio RDC charts. The band performed some shows at German festivals. In autumn 2015 they participated in “Tribute to Alibabki” project to celebrate 50th anniversary of Jamaican music in Poland. Their role was to arrange and perform selected songs of the legendary female group Alibabki in ska/reggae manner and play their historical ska tunes from 1965. Top Polish reggae / ska singers were also involved. The Bartenders were highly acclaimed for their musical work. For Ostróda they are planning a launch of their second album “Poles are movin’!” Ten years of experience in making the audience dance are put into twelve songs, sung in Polish and English, with jazzy ska & reggae feel and analog sound.
The lead singer of the band now is Kuba Kaczmarek, known for Cała Góra Barwinków.

Ostróda Reggae Festival, Amfiteatr, 11.08.2016



“Przeżyć w tej dżungli” feat. Duże Pe:

I Need You (BalconyTV)

Dr.Ring Ding & The Bartenders live ORF 2012

I Grades & The Bartenders – Samotna Rękawiczka (Tribute to Alibabki)